Advanced Industrial Motor Control:

Duration(80 Hours) - Course Fee(PHP 10,500.00)

Course Description

This module deals with the study of electric motors (AC and DC) and the associated control circuits. It also includes an understanding and practical use of programmable controllers and variable frequency drives. Troubleshooting and design of motor control circuits are also given emphasis. Laboratory activities are provided to verify and practice learned principles.

Course Prerequisites

Completed Industrial Electrician OR Is a Licensed Electrical Engineer/Registered Master Electrician OR Practiced electrical trade for least at one year OR can demonstrate the following: Measure electrical parameters using electrical instruments Interpret schematic diagram for motor control circuit Knowledge of the operation and construction of Electrical machines.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the module, the participants must be able to: 1. Connect electric circuits and machines using a diagram; 2. Troubleshoot electrical control circuits; and, 3. Design motor control circuits.

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